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Discover how the Sustain® Tool has benefited users across the world and the supply chain.



“The Sustain® tool has helped us identify what good looks like in terms of the environmental impact of the units that brands are sending into our stores. It’s simple to use and many agencies are really engaged with it. The outputs will help us shape the future waste streams of our stores. We’ve already seen that it is beginning to change the thinking that goes into some of the designs of these units.”

- Andy Bodley, Instore Marketing Operations, Boots


“The Sustain® tool is an essential part of Procter and Gamble’s commitment to reducing its impact on the environment. For outsourced print jobs it allows us to measure our environmental impact from display/POS and associated packaging and transport, relating to Co2e, water, recycled content and planned end of life and other metrics.”

- Wouter Schaekers, Global Display Director Procter & Gamble

Agencies & Suppliers

“As a business, we are committed to sustainability and always open to new tools that will help us on this journey. We recognised the need to analyse the sustainable credentials of our own designs as well as the benefits of being able to compare the results of different design or material choices before committing to production. Sustain® tool meets this need for us.”

- Neil Houghton, Head of Sustainability & Sourcing, RTC


“By seeing tangible results and reductions in the environmental impact has helped our designers, account managers and our customers understand where we can improve or innovate our POS.”

- Terry Humphrey, Technical Innovation Manager, DS Smith