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Sustain® gives a score, measuring the environmental impact of displays and P-O-P in CO2e, water, circularity, recycled material content and end of life.

The Sustain® score can be combined or separated for the display with and without packaging.



Measures environmental impact in materials and components used, analysing the complexity of the design’s environmental impact.

Supply chain logistics

Measuring the weight and distance of each component to understand the environmental impact of the supply chain logistics.

Materials, processes & packaging

Calculates the environmental impact by measuring recycled content, renewability and recyclability in each component.

Delivery logistics

Analyses the efficiency of the logistics between supplier and customer, by measuring both distances and optimisation of vehicle load.

Recycled content

Measures and calculates by percentage weight, the recycled content of the display with and without packaging.

End of life

Disassembly, recyclability, reusability and disposal, incineration and landfill.



How to use the results

Once you have your outputs, Sustain® tool recommends improvements to reduce the environmental impact of the display by reducing carbon, improving recyclability and end of life processes. The results can be exported for internal reporting.